Why Should You Buy a Lounge From Demir Leather?

Demir Leather’s philosophy is to make the earth a more beautiful place.

Natural fibres, sustainability, handcrafting, integrity and style are the fundamentals of planet. Our principle is that by attempting to make sense, we can craft beauty while being conscientious for our environment.

Natural fibres age delightfully and have qualities that bring premium usability, longevity and inimitability to an end product. There is a history in the material that bestows an object life further than the obvious, and this adds significance and value.

Sustainability is crucial for our future. As human population progressively grows, our natural world is under escalating pressure, and we are all accountable for maintaining its health. One of our main aims is for our items to have the greatest lifespan possible.

Hand crafting makes best use of raw material, and gives a piece unique character and qualities. This can be an expression of the person who utilizes and interacts with it daily.  In this way, an item will be cared for and appreciated by someone who has carefully chosen it.

Integrity means that there is esteem in the total life chain of a product, from the ecological impacts of raw materials to manufacturing, selling and freight. We feel that craftspeople should be paid reasonably and workers should have secure working conditions. We hope that Demir Leather has a positive impact on the social order on as many levels as possible.

Style has eternalness at its heart. We believe that an object can be innovative and that creativity does exist, and is genuine and exciting!!!!

Our furniture is simple, sustainable, sleek and built to last. Demir Leather furniture, combines the exclusive resources of sustainably developed solid Australian hardwoods with the tradition of exceedingly skilled timber craftsmanship. Our mission is to struggle for originality and a class that makes sense in our Australian context.

Demir Leather regards ethical timber sourcing as a high precedence for the business and aims to conform to the relevant legislation concerning timber sourcing.


Steps we’re taking:

Demir Leather is stanch to identifying the source of timber materials that are utlized in the manufacturing of our furniture products, and we will take sensible measures to make sure that the timber materials used meet the subsequent requirements:

  • comes from a known source
  • sourced legally
  • sourced from species not considered as threatened
  • not sourced from conflict timber
  • not sourced from high conservation areas
  • comes with documentation proving legitimacy and source