What To Look For In A Leather Furniture

When it comes to buying leather furniture, a lot of things come into one’s mind. One thinks about what type of leather furniture to buy.  One also thinks about how to maintain the leather furniture. This article will give you some tips on how to select your leather furniture.


Leather furniture is not only for the rich people. It can actually be quite affordable and it is also available to the masses. Since leather furniture comes in different styles, it is now possible to buy it at lower prices. Actually, leather furniture is one of the most sophisticated pieces you can possible have. It can fit any type of room and it can bring “added comfort” to one’s space.


Before you purchase any leather furniture for your room, below are some tips that may help you decide in doing so. These tips are actually information with regards to leather furniture.


Actually, the finishing of the leather is one of the gauges used in rating the leather.

Hides that are free of marks are almost impossible to get. However, it is very expensive

as well.

The application of pigmentation and finishing to the leather is actually for its defense

against stains and the sunlight.

Aniline, a type of leather, naturally has that “scar-like” or “wrinkle-like” look.



The grade of the leather is one of the bases for its durability and price.

TOP GRAIN LEATHER is actually the leather with the best grade. It comes from the hide’s

outermost surface. It is also the most expensive of all. Its grade also depends on how it

was manufactured.

SPLIT GRAIN LEATHER is the least expensive of all the leather grades. It comes from the

hide’s lower surface and is also the weakest of all the leather grades.

ANILINE LEATHER is created by soaking the hide in aniline dye. It is made with the

absence of finishes and pigmentation. Because of this process, the resulting leather

becomes very soft.

SEMI-ANILINE LEATHER is another type of leather. In order to avoid fading and stain, this

type of leather is treated with coats and pigments.

PIGMENTED LEATHER is the one of the cheapest grade of leather. It is also stiffer

because it is treated with color on its surface. This type of leather is created from poor




Good quality leather has a soft texture. Pigmented leather usually has a stiff texture.

NUBUCK LEATHER is a type of a TOP GRAIN LEATHER. Its processing makes it more stain

resistant compared to ANILINE LEATHER.

SUEDES is a less expensive version of NUBUCK. It is created from SPLIT GRAIN LEATHER

and it has the same feel and look with that of NUBUCK.

SAUVAGE LEATHER appears like that of a marble or a crease. This is due to its two-toned


PULL-UP LEATHER is a type of leather that has a weathered look. It is a type of aniline

leather with a lighter color. The color is due to the application of wax or oil to the leather.

EMBOSSED LEATHERS are leather types that have been imprinted with grain or new



The informative given above should give you a picture on what to look for when buying your leather

furniture. It is best to go to the top stores which have the reputation of selling top quality leather

furniture. Happy Buying!