Tips for Cleaning Leather Couches

A majority of modern sofas are made of different leather materials, semi-aniline, aniline or pigmented. Leather is not a synthetic material but it is rather a natural material. In principle, leather is very hard-wearing. In practice, it is so vulnerable and can get dented, wear and tear. One thing in common for all sorts of leather couch: leather needs habitual care.


Just like the human skin, to keep leather’s natural and healthy features, we use appropriate care regularly. Without care, leather sofa will hurriedly lose its beautiful appearance – it may get dirty, dry out or lose its color intensity.

Be wary that direct sunlight UV rays pierce into our skin tissue the same way it does into the structure of leather as well. Even though leather does not get sunburn, but depending on the type of leather, the leather tissue may crumble. One can also suppose that direct sunlight could darken the leather. Apart from direct UV exposure, placing your leather couch nearby heat sources can also be injurious to the leather material.

A leather sofa should be placed in well ventilated and dry place (extreme dry or wet leather will speed up the aging). Avoid direct sunlight and also you wouldn’t want to put the sofa underneath the air conditioning, which will cause leather to harden, lose its color or even crack. Below are our detailed tips on how to clean leather sofas.

  • When you purchase a new leather sofa, clean the surface with evenly damped, soft towel or cloth, to softly wipe off the dust or dirt. You may also use leather lotion and protective spray right away to help avert permanent stains from occurring, because it forms a shielding layer on the leather surface, so that the filth and grime cannot walk its way into the “dermal pores”. We very much recommend you test a leather lotion and spray in a concealed area of the sofa before using.
  • For leather stains, avoid using soap or cleaning detergents. The last thing you would want to do is immerse the stain with water. This may cause more injury to your leather sofa than the stain itself. Instead, it is best to wipe stain with a dirt free wet cloth or sponge, and let it dry naturally.
  • If you spill beverage on the leather surface, make use of a clean cloth or sponge to absorb it, and then wipe it off with a damp cloth.
  • For grease stains, make use of a dry cloth to clean. We recommend you first tap and then blot instead of wiping, to prevent grease to spread all over. Then you apply leather lotion to get rid of the remaining grease.

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