Unequalled Lounge Styles and Perfection

Italy is home to the finest masters in the art of furniture design and the name “Demir” is concrete evidence of such unequalled perfection. You only have to view and compare to grasp the unrivalled craftsmanship of Demir products, especially its leather lounges and sofas. They are beyond imaginings with their soft, accommodating and luxurious designs and styles, all designed to satisfy languishing comfort for users as well as adding beauty and elegance to any room.

Every lounge, sofa, bed and furniture designed at Demir, is tailor made to exactly blend in with the décor of an existing home or adds zest to your home especially your living room area.  Demir makes an endless array of exquisitely tailored lounges and sofas, beds and house furniture to face-lift any home. Amongst the most beautiful lounges found here are:

A selection from the best      

  • Allen: A lounge that conveys a strong masculine look and a perfect match for a white paint based room. It can blend in with the décor of an office or living room space of a home. For quality and workmanship, it is a must to have.
  • Almodovar: A lounge made for comfort with thick springy cushions with confortable headrests at either end of the leisurely designed main body. Feel like a cosy night out in our own house before the fire? This is for you.
  • Antea: this is a lounge built not only for comfort but also with craftsmanship and elegance of style. Like most of the lounges created by Demir, it adds a languishing and relaxing look to any room and brightens a sombre coloured room with its white glittering colour finish.
  • Anteprima: Do you want to add a business look to a special and spacious room where you and your colleagues or friends often discuss business or activity matters? This is the perfect choice that consists of deep cushion comfort and seats for your mentors or leaders in your group or business.
  • Avatar: As the name suggests, this is lounging design at its best. It combines uniqueness, comfort and blending characteristics that can introduce a fresh and lively look to any room whether in a home or office. Its graceful and streamlined appearance adds the ultimate in design, style and craftsmanship.
  • Axo: Another delight for the eyes to feast on. A truly elegant and totally comfortable design with deep cushions. It features back rests for those who rather sit up for a time, before enjoying the full comfort of this superbly made lounge.
  • Buble: This one just bubbles with comfort along with exquisite taste in style and craftsmanship. With its light white colour, it is a perfect match against a dark partition counter set against a backdrop of a kitchen or private bar. It offers a cosy and private atmosphere to serious or lively discussions.
  • Coupe: a style and comfort to match the best that the namesake car model can come up with in lounging comfort. This lounge embodies the ultimate in comfort and style. Whilst not built for speed, it certainly touts everything that boasts of leisure and comfort.

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