The Best Leather Furniture on the Planet

There is no question that Italian craftsmen are famous for their meticulous workmanship.  They are conscious of every minute detail and are most adept at transforming their vision into concrete form. Because of these innermost skills, they succeed in producing the most elegant, the most stylish and comfortable furniture there is on this planet. You must experience this attention to detail and this immaculate skill in producing excellence. The output is simply too good to pass by but in order for you to enjoy it, you have to personally experience the DEMIR LEATHER touch.

In the realm of leather furniture, Demir is second to none. Its style, elegance and comfort are also hallmarks of its leather chairs. To prove that this is the unequivocal truth, here are just a few samples of this creative genius:

  • Band: The style of this outstanding design conveys the impression of a person sitting comfortable in a concave position with perfect balance and arm rests to enhance relaxation. The occupier enjoys absolute ease and comfort.
  • Blauer: A style to suit the more agile and energetic for a quick respite and an equally rapid get away. It is perfect for a hospital waiting room, office, airport lounge and other places where mobility is the more common activity.
  • Bobois: A perfect leather seat for one who will be waiting for a few hours. The outline is stunningly symmetrical with a deep cushion, arm rests and a foot rest if the wait is prolonged. The occupier sits in perfect comfort and ease.
  • C522: This style is reminiscent of grandfather’s chair with its deep brown coloured leather. It is crafted to a perfect finish to offer comfort and relaxation to anyone who occupies it. Perfect for the living room somewhere between the sofas or lounges where the man of the house can sit in comfort but still be an imposing figure.
  • C707: A place for languishing or relaxing to read the newspaper, discuss business policy or simply to have a comfortable place to relax and perhaps snooze a little. A style to satisfy the needs of executives in any field of endeavour.
  • Cube: If you are a secretary used to attending rigorous meetings with directors every month and you have a pressured schedule in between meetings, this is your leather chair. It offers the best in comfort and relaxation. It rests the flesh, the mind and the spirit.
  • Modi: Elegance is the byword for this leather chair. It is built to withstand weight but is light to move from one position to another. A plus for the cleaning lady and certainly for the secretary who can sit comfortably while listening to directions from the chairman or director.
  • Renoir: A balanced style embedded in deep cushion comfort and unrivalled style. It is perfect for the office environment. Its light colouring makes it a perfect blend with dark and light surroundings.
  • Rossella: the utmost in style and comfort that fits perfectly in the living room of a luxury home or the bedroom. Its white colour is a match for any other colour present.
  • Rivoli: One of the most impressive of the Demir range of leather chairs on offer. Its style is unique with a totally comfortable layout with a deep cushion and high arm rests, conducive to complete relaxation and comfort.

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