Superb Sofa Craftsmanship and Design

Did you know that 8 out of 10 very happy and discerning customers have consistently voted in favour of DEMIR LEATHER? That’s the truth and this can only be expected, because at Demir, very close attention is paid to every single item that comes off the furniture production line. The company is meticulous in creating style and elegance. It is of little consequence whether or not you want to add zest to your existing room, Demir can and will do it for you. It does not matter whether you wish to totally transform a drab, sombre, miserable looking room into one very exciting, colourful and scintillating one. Demir can also do it for you and….

If a comfortable sofa is your craving, only Demir can both excite and satiate your imagination at the same time. Listed below are some of the choicest sofas that Damir has on offer:

  • Garden: The perfect blend for a sombre office interior, with a soft darkish look and executive appeal. This is one of the finest designs and craftsmanship that Damir offers featuring richly thick leather covering cushion. It features a strong and comfortable backrest and deep cushions.
  • Gloxina: An equally appealing assemblage of sofa style and perfection more attuned to luxury apartments and high ended real estate. The light whitish appearance perfectly blends with the transparency of glass, light coloured rooms and curtains set against the distant view of a haze covered city.
  • Gray: An assemblage of sofas to cushion tired limbs and relax the mind especially after a hard day’s work in a house setting or to relax with colleagues and friends at the office after a long and tiresome meeting. The sturdy steel or aluminium frames bespeaks of strength and durability.
  • Kerr: A truly outstanding sofa with very deep cushioned seats and equally soft but firm backrests that provide comfort to both tired worker and traveller or even a friend friends who drop in for a visit. Very strong and custom built to serve the comfort needs of its owners.
  • Kubrick: The ultimate in room décor and comfort. It is one of the most elegantly made sofas from Demir that introduces a dark tone to a totally plain looking room and adds lustre to the surrounding room and furniture.
  • Leone: The brownish colouring to this astoundingly immense and comfortable sofa is a collection a high end apartment owner would relish. It is not only comfortable, but elegant with seating capacity for 5 to 6 people. Perfect for a friendly pre-dinner conversation and relaxation.
  • Reef: The orangey look combined with the myriad purplish, white and reddish colours all add up to the colour of the coral reef. This is the environment that this perfectly symmetrical and comfortable sofa presents. It adds refreshing colours and elegance to any living room.
  • Vuesse: If you have not viewed a par excellence in a custom built sofa then this is your chance. If you own it, that view will be yours for a long time. The Vuesse sofa is something out of this world and its most endearing quality is its ability to comfortably blend with a room’s surrounding colours.

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