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DEMIR LEATHER bases its reputation on style, elegance and comfort and in so far as furniture is concerned, these are the kingpins. But Demir doesn’t stop there. It experiments, redesigns and simply produces magical furniture. One of its most unparalleled accomplishments has been the successful creation of a totally mesmerizing style, that has emerged from combining its sofa and lounge creations. The result is one of utter beauty, comfort and elegance for the living room or office space. Here are just a few of them:

  • Vivace: This would truly have to be the most elegant of all the creation currently at Demir. It fits into any room environment, whether it be in the house, the office, villa or yacht. At both ends are back and head rests with two headrests at either end and in between, the whole length of the lounge. Style, elegance and comfort are predominant and Demir’s reputation stays intact.
  • Sunny: There’s certainly nothing dull about this L-shaped lounge/sofa design. It rests on sturdy steel props with backrests to prop up a tired occupant at either end and arm rests in between. There’s ample room for stretching out along the entire length as well as room to sit with head propped up and legs outstretched on the lower portion of the ‘L’ for watching a good movie.
  • Susan: Another superb show of craftsmanship that exudes a bold black look to a gleaming white concrete flooring style. It stands out strongly against a lit creamy white backdrop and is a perfect place to sit in front of the fireplace during cold winter nights.
  • Stallone: The name fits in well with the film boxing icon. The cushion is pliant but very sturdy and strong. It doesn’t give in to weight and in fact hardly shows any exaggerated dent when pressure is applied. It is strong and quickly springs back to its previous form when vacated.
  • Spielberg: The elegance of this design also bespeaks of its namesake icon film maker; it is versatile, smart and full of life and verve. It is one of the high ends in furniture style produced by Demir and it fits in perfectly with luxury type apartments and homes. A must to have.
  • Pachira: This light blue reclining sofa/lounge combination is also another of Demir’s supreme styles. It is completely pliant with soft cushions and also has an L-shaped appearance as the sunny lounge. It will add a bright and fresh look to any living room.
  • Modesto: Another refreshing and innovative idea from Demir, but this time, a leg rest is added that can be fully propped up if desired to enhance full relaxation when watching a film or snoozing with a layback feeling.
  • Live: A style that will change a dull room décor to one of life and verve. It very look is imbued with the ability to reflect light that falls on it. It changes the appearance of a room the moment it is put in place and is at home in any room setting, from the sombre to the most light-filled room anywhere. It is simply irresistible.


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