The History of Lounges

The Beautiful History of Lounges

When you take your seat on a chair or a lounge, you do not really bother to find out the story behind the item you are sitting on. A chair is just a piece of furniture meant to be sat on. With lounges, on the other hand, especially chaise lounges, you are given so much more than a piece of furniture to sit on because a chaise lounge carries a lovely history that is worth knowing.

Chaise lounges are known to give users comfort. They symbolise style, wealth and luxury, among all the different furniture choices in the market. It is both a daybed and a chair, thus providing both comfort and function, throughout the years:

  • They were first introduced in the ancient Egypt times of pharaohs, and the luxury of those times made the chaise lounge truly perfect. In those  times, pharaohs would be seen sitting on lounges that were being carried around by their servants.
  • The term chaise lounge is derived from  a French phrase that means, “long chair”. It is given this name because a chaise lounge is really a long one-seater chair where one person can lie down quite comfortably, for a nap or for leisurely read. Much of the modern designs of lounges are derived from the classic designs seen in Franc in the 1500s.
  • In the ancient Greek history, evidence of these lounges are seen in paintings and artworks. Greek artists often drew pictures of different gods and goddesses, relaxing on lounges.
  • As part of Mexican civilization, the ancient Olmecs also showed some evidence of using chaise lounges in the time.
  • There are also some evidence of chaise lounges in distant African civilizations. Signifying the widespread existence of chaise lounges throughout the history of the world.
  • They became very popular in the 1920s and 1930s when they became associated with Hollywood glamour and since that time, its popularity grew even more.

A chaise lounge is really nothing more than a chair that is extended and given four legs. They are most commonly constructed using rattan, but you can also find them made in wooden canning and carved wood. Today, anyone can own and enjoy a leisurely time on a chaise lounge. It is no longer just made for pharaohs and kings. Anyone who wishes to own a chaise lounge can visit Demir Leather and feast on the different styles that they offer.

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