The Difference Between Fake and Real Leather

How can one tell the difference between a real leather couch and a fake one? This is a question that is tossed at sales persons on a daily basis. The shocking truth is that these sales people will not hesitate to lie through their teeth when it comes to making a quick sale.  You can therefore not rely on these people for honest advice when shopping for a couch made from real leather. Nowadays, many manufacturers are offering cheap couches that they claim to be real leather. These couches come with very attractive offers that are hard for customers to resist. It is however obvious to a trained eye that these couches are made of inexpensive or cheap leather.

In most cases, a deeper probing is likely to confirm that these cheap couches are made from goat leather. Others will be from pig leather. These two leathers tend to be among the lowest quality leathers available and the longest time period that they can last is 3 to 4 years. Cheap leather is commonly referred to as buffalo hide in the skin industry.

The quickest way to differentiate between high quality and cheap leather is by feeling the texture using your bare hands. Real leather will feel very soft and pleasant while the cheap one will tend to be hard and inflexible. These cheap leather couches are only good for show since they have a tendency to be very attractive, but if you are looking for a durable couch, the best thing would be to go for the more expensive ones, these are likely to be authentic leather.

When it comes to purchasing couches made of leather, you should be prepared to part with a good sum of money. High quality couches don’t come cheap and they never disappoint. Once you acquire a good one, you can be sure that you won’t need to buy another one in the near future. High quality leather requires tender care for it to last long and therefore saves you a considerable amount of money. It is actually very easy to maintain genuine leather; all it needs is a bit of dusting and polishing. Extreme heat is bound to destroy your couch by draining the leather’s natural oils. This leads to a stiff and cracked couch. The only thing that can guarantee your real leather couch a long life is proper maintenance and care. For the best leather couches, contact Demir Leather immediately. You can also visit their website at