Lounge Suites – A perfect Example of Furnishing Taste

Tired of using your old fashioned sofa sets? Or feeling some disgrace in front of the guests with faded covers of the furniture in your lounge? This is the time to get rid of these, with new Lounge suites, and feel the freedom to buy new and stylish sofas, explicating your aesthetic sense.


Besides giving new look to your lounge, you can use these Lounge suites in your drawing room, to add more colours in your life.In this scenario, question arises how and where to get perfect combination of these sofas? Demir leather can help you in acquiring what you want within the limitations of your budget. We can help you in providing a perfect set of suites that are not only qualitative but also ensures durability.

Our designers, using their professional skills, have combined the conventional hand workmanship and modern technology in such a way to fabricate each and every suite with state of the art beauty. Carefully tanned and high qualityItalian leather is used to ensure thatoutput must qualify the higher standards.

Sitting on our Lounge suites will provide you a feel of liberty from the hard works of daily life, and you will be drown in to the world of calmness. Before moving further let us highlight some of the remarkable features of Lounge Suites by Demir leather:

  • We are the best in providing luxurious sitting for the customers than any other.
  • The sofas are made up of high quality materials.
  • The couches prepared for the sofas are the finest available in the market.
  • The Lounge Suite Chairs are also one of the well-known products from house of Demir leather.
  • Additionally if you are looking for some unique vintage look designs, we are the pioneers in crafting so.

Furthermore, the patients of back pain can get benefit from our sofas and suites due to unique and exceptional angles that have been incorporated by our craftsmen. Most of our customers find our products at hotel lobbies or office reception areas. After viewing, most of them forced by the graceful looks, and also the durable prices we offer, to buy them at the earliest. Warranty is also available for our valued customers. However it depends upon the retailer you visit. But one thing is for sure, you will get the surety of Demir leather regarding the quality.

For further information about new, exciting and upcoming features about Lounge suites, please visit our store at 199 Parramatta Road, Auburn. You can also contact us at(02) 9748 8888. Our customer friendly staff is available at your service. You will be surely facilitatedin choosing your desired suite. For any complaint or feedback, you can use a form available at our website under contact us tab. Looking forward for your visit at our outlet soon.