Looking into How an Italian Leather Sofa is Made

Italian leather sofas are considered the ultimate luxury for any living room or any room for that matter.  The definition of luxury is dependent on how the sofa is made, how the structure is built, the quality of the leather used, the padding and the spring systems and the overall stitching of the sofa.  That is the reason why Italian leather sofas always ask for a premium price due to the way it is made which is to guarantee that it will last a lifetime.

As to the materials, the wood used to construct its frame is kiln-dried.  This is the process where a drying oven is used to heat the wood in order to remove extra moisture.  The reason this is done is to prevent the wood from expanding when there is too much moisture in it.  Kiln drying is also good when you want to avoid the wood from rotting or shrinking. The springs used are tied eight ways.  They have the ability to move up and down and side to side in order to give the seating area a large range in movement.  This is what makes the sofa comfortable to sit on. The cushion padding is made using a foam core that is of high density which is later covered with soft polyester in order to prevent sagging.   Sewing is made using a double stitch pattern.  Thus, another reason for its price.

A sofa that is made from Italian leather would be the best choice to buy for a home.  This especially holds true especially if you want to invest in something. This is truly one piece of furniture that is worth your hard earned money.

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