Leather sofas – Comfort You Deserve

Demir Leather brings together the best design and exquisite details to create leather sofas of the most stylish quality. Our amazing sofas will undoubtedly bring a comfortable and unique style to your home or office. This elegant collection features gives our sofas an appearance that is appealing which in turn makes it ideal for contemporary homes or offices. The durable sofas have an essence of sailing on the floor, keeping the overall look of fashion and modernity. Demir Leather sells one of the best leather sofas in Australia and the whole of Europe. By assembling the matching leather & fabric combination, we believe that you deserve our leather sofas as they come in good quality and affordable prices. Really amazing!

A leather sofa is always a good choice for any company or home that intends to be on top of the competition in the competitive world of today. Leather is a material with many qualities: it is noble, resistant, flexible and has transpiration properties which makes it warm in the winter and cool in the summer and therefore become more valuable over time.
Our sofa’s leather is the result of a tanning process developed in total respect for environment and having, as main purposes, the safeguard of the consumer’s health and the preservation of natural beauty and quality of the hides. For these reasons during tanning, only chemical substances complying with the most restrictive legislation in the world are used. This specific kind of tanning process contributes to maintain uniqueness of the hides in terms of variation in grain and colour.
To protect and care for your leather sofa, we advise our customers to periodically dust the leather sofas using a clean, dry and non-abrasive white cloth and not to dry the leather in direct sunlight. Avoid exposing the sofa to direct sunlight or to powerful lamps to ensure the colour of the covering remains bright. The above listed causes, as well as the use of unapproved detergent substances, may irreparably damage the leather covering, causing cracks and changes in colour which we believe is not what we are for at Demir Leather.

Everyone would love to have a fashionable way of living. It is this that informs our quest to have the best of the best leather sofa among other luxurious materials that will help you transition to a new way of life in your home or office.