Leather Lounge and Children.

We are all familiar with purchasing a new leather lounge, putting it neatly in our living room and then the kids come along. Here are just some of the tips that you can use to help prevent wear and tear of your leather lounge if you have children in your household:

  • Make sure your children take their shoes off before sitting on your leather lounge to prevent their shoes rubbing against the delicate leather
  • Educate your kids on how to be gentle with your new leather lounge
  • Avoid dark coloured pants on light coloured leather as the dye of your children’s clothing material may stain the leather if the excess dye has not been washed out properly
  • Try to teach your children to be careful when eating high staining or sticky foods on the lounge. This will prevent accidental spills that may stain your leather lounge.
  • Purchase a leather protector. You can purchase a pack from one of our stores. This will help protect your leather from unintentional staining and make the cleaning process of your leather lounge much more easier.