Italy’s Best: What is it about Italian lounges that make them so great?

At Demir Leather, we embrace the fervor for design and the high standards of scrupulous craftsmanship that is unique to contemporary furniture made in Italy. We afford our clients with the best quality and most novel designs at the best possible prices. Our up to date furniture is created in Italy and stocked locally for instantaneous delivery to you. We carry modern furniture from distinguished manufacturers. We also feature Italy’s up and coming designers whose modern furniture is predestined to be tomorrow’s classic.

Modern furniture stems from Modernism, which was a literary movement. Before this, furniture was characteristically very ornate and its value was based on the quantity of time it took to be built. Everything changed early on the 20th century, when furniture design started to focus on functional, yet modish, designs.

Modern furniture is moving and stimulating. The clean lines, daring shapes and colors are designed to create equilibrium and harmony. Our product variety is an eclectic mix of contemporary furniture from the ever popular modern archetypal masterpieces to the most recent cutting edge designs. On our home page you will find only a sample of our collection. We invite you to discover the various product categories and find out the extraordinary beauty, excellence and ingenious design of modern furniture made in Italy. The designs we offer are created to live longer than trends and are tried and true tested for style and quality.
Are you looking for unique up to the minute furniture statements for your home? How about a marvelously designed modern leather sofa, chaise lounge, sectional or armchair to enhance your decor? Conceivably some modern barstools or a contemporary dining room table would complete your dining room? With our spectacular selection of modern leather beds and contemporary bedroom furniture you can create the bedroom you dreamt of.

With a huge commercial space and the facilities to house a titanic inventory, we are able to offer an astounding selection of modern furniture direct from Italy. You can renovate your entire home into a stylish metropolitan oasis. We provide only the best of Italy’s leading furniture manufacturers.

With our all-embracing collection of residential and commercial lines of contemporary furniture, we can provide a wide range of high design contemporary furnishings. Our quality customer service, our know-how with our suppliers and our focus on in-stock furniture make Demir Leather your best source for high style contemporary furniture from Italy.