How to take care of your leather furniture

Leather furniture is among the most stylish, cool and elegant of all furnishing that you can pit up in your interiors.

Neighbor’s envy, Owner’s Pride- that pretty much sums up leather furniture.

How do you take care of your precious leather darling? Well, it’s easier than what most people make it out to be and here is a straight forward guide that will help you preserve the beauty of yourleather furniture. Here is just some pointers as to how you can look after your leather furniture.

• Clean it regularly with a dry cloth and vacuum the corners of the seats
• Extent of care and methods vary with type of leather and the furnishing
• Do not use lots of water, cleaning solvents, soaps or ammonia
• Use a leather conditioner that is appropriate – we have the leather condition you need at our warehouses
• Keep the leather away from direct sunlight and the fireplace