Home of Premium Lounges in Sydney

Looking for genuine Italian leather in Australia? Look no more! Demir Leather has been providing premium leather lounges for years to Australian homes and offices. Starting out as a small business, Demir Leather has grown into one of the most trusted retail outlet shops for leather lounges, leather sofas and beds. With more than hundreds of satisfied customers, Demir Leather has proven excellence in both quality and service.


Lounges are essential furniture additions to your living space. Whether it’s a cozy home, a chic condo unit or a modern office, you are bound to find the perfect lounge for your space. Lounges are more than just a piece of furniture for you, your family and your guests to sits on. It is also a décor which is supposed to greatly accentuate the living space.

At Demir Leather, comfort comes with style. All lounges made available to clients have undergone strict inspection and quality check. This means that you will never be in doubt when purchasing any piece of furniture from Demir Leather. Using only premium leather and high grade materials, these furniture pieces are sure to stand out no matter how classic and timeless the chosen design is. Creative minds also allow Demir Leather furniture to be up to date on the latest trends in terms of design. There are always new colors, new shapes and new features embedded in every piece of furniture up for grabs. Whatever your personality is, you are sure to find a great match with the hundreds of furniture models and designs to choose from!

See for yourself and appreciate quality work by visiting Demir Leather’s showcase rooms at Chatswood and Auburn. Each piece of furniture is like a work of art with a unique story. Each leather lounge is specially crafted and thought of. From the selection of material to each and every detail, highly skilled craftsmen have devoted time, effort and talent for its creation. Not a single stitch is out of place with Demir Leather. Each piece of furniture is also designed to give you full comfort and ease. With high grade technology and research, creative minds have put together various designs to help make living more comfortable and more beautiful. The next time you are in need of lounges, try visiting Demir Leather for the ultimate experience!