History of Leather, The Luxury Furniture!

Leather is a robust and supple material created by means of the tanning of putrescible animal rawhide and skin, primarily cattle hide. It can be made through various manufacturing processes, which rainges from cottage industry to heavy industry.

Leather has always played an essential role in civilization. In prehistoric times, men used the skin of animals to satisfy their basic needs. They used them to make their clothing, carpets, shelter and even ornamental attires. Men also made footwear, belts, containers for liquids, boats and even armours out of leather. The principal defensive armour of Roman soldiers were heavy leather shirts.

One of the most primitive human activities is leather tanning. At the beginning, skins acquired from hunting and livestock propagation were used for tents and clothing, however they turned out to be taut at low temperatures while they rotted at high temperatures. Thus, attempts were made to make them more flexible and stronger through rubbing in animal fats, which was the first rudimental tanning process.

During the fifth and the third millennium B.C., the Sumerians employed skins for long dresses and headdresses for ladies. On the other hand, the Assyrians made use of leather for footwear, liquid containers and as inflated floats for rafts. The type of leather that is known as “Morocco” today was first processed by the ancient Indian civilization. The ancient Egyptians also realized a remarkable skill in manufacturing leather which they utilized for clothing, gloves, arms, tools or ornaments. A historian, Strabo, tells of the fascinating use of leather in the creation of water pipes by the Phoenicians. Leather was also widely used in all the provinces of the Roman Empire. In the fourteenth century, leather was combined with wood in chairs, arm-chairs, and settles. The quality of leather is determined by the tangible processes and chemicals used in its fabrication.

Because of its outstanding resistance to wind and abrasion, leather established its usage in rugged occupations. A cowboy’s enduring image in leather chaps paved a way to the leather-helmeted and leather-jacketed aviator.

At present, leather has been utilized for numerous purposes. One of its novel uses is in the furniture industry. Because of its sturdy and durable nature, leather found itself valuable in the furniture industry. It has been regarded as the luxury furniture because furniture made out of leather is both classy and hard-wearing. Demir leather is known for creating the best luxury furniture. It has established its name because of perfecting high quality and sophisticated furniture sets.