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Most people equate leather furniture with luxury and comfort most of which provide for extravagant spending. The mere presence of a leather couch in the living room exudes an air of sophistication with top quality richness. While furniture pieces like this sometimes signify wealth and indulgence, do remember that a leather furniture need not be expensive to be enjoyed.

Demir Leather & Fine Furniture are synonymous.

Not all kinds of leather furniture are created in the same way. There are some manufacturers that use real, natural leather while there are those that concentrate on the plastic kind of leather. There are also other producers that process natural leather in order to come up with a certain style or color. Whatever kind of leather you choose, furniture Sydney is able to provide something that will surely cast your interest.

When buying leather furniture in Sydney, it is important to remember that there are different kinds of leather. There are the full grain leather and the smooth leather. You will notice that when walking into a furniture showroom, focus is made on the full grain leather because it is considered to be the most expensive. Once you have decided on the kind of leather you want, it does not stop there. Check the furniture piece thoroughly. Remove all of its cushions and pillows if any. Check its legs and all its stitching. There should not be one misplaced thread. Demir Leather’s lounges are of the highest italian hand made quality.


The De Style Collection

We have many of these sofa designs available in store for inspection and purchase. Too many to choose from and can’t decide on which one is the most suitable for you and your family? Visit a Demir Leather showroom today. We are based in Auburn & Chatswood NSW, Australia. Our friendly staff will do their best to find that perfect lounge for your home through colour matching, sizing and leather texture so you can enjoy the comfort of Sydney’s best supplier of Italian Furniture in Sydney.Contact us for more information (02) 97488888 or (02) 9411 8997


The De Comfort Collection

Sydney has been known for its eye on detail when it comes to arts and craftsmanship. This is manifested in the type of materials they choose in creating renowned furniture pieces. Definitely world class in both style and quality, Sydney is often considered to be a competitive country when it comes to showrooms and art galleries. A best example of this skill may well be seen in their display of sand sculptures. This is however just one skill evidenced with a great deal of workmanship, craftsmanship and attention to detail.

When it comes to furniture, Demir Leather offer only the best of a freshly well defined concept and style that most people is envious and dying to have as an integral part of their homes. With a number of furniture stores that cater every people’s desires and needs when it comes to designing their homes, Demir Leather lounges suit perfectly. Demir Leather can be a very well deserved chosen store when it comes to furniture. Equipped with the right italian leather in designing and crafting your sofas, lounges and couches, you will never go wrong with the quality of its design.
The store has a wide variety of choices to select from that will perfectly suit your interior home design and theme.

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