Fact Sheet: Chaise Lounge

The Name

The name ‘chase lounge’ comes from the French term for the piece of furniture, ‘chaise longue’ which translates to ‘long chair’. Because the misspelling of ‘longue’ to ‘lounge’ has persisted for so long in the United States, it has become acceptable and is even found in dictionaries.


Chaise lounges are perfect for one or two people to sit back with their legs stretched in front of them. Because the chaise does allow for such relaxed positioning, it is most accepted for this piece of furniture to be found in less formal spaces such as patios, sunrooms and bedrooms.


Because chaise lounges can be created from a variety of different materials such as hardwood, teak wood, wicker, aluminum, wrought iron, and plastic, chaise lounges can easily be incorporated into both indoor and outdoor décor. Those that are designed for indoor use are generally adorned with plush cushions and fabrics and often have very padded seats and armrests whereas outdoor lounges are more likely to be more basic, less plush and more able to withstand the weather.


Both indoor and outdoor chaises come in a variety of styles that are sure to be easily incorporated into your existing furnishings. You can often choose between a single or double chaise to fit the size of your space. Lounges can be covered in nearly any material from leather to microfiber and are made in both a symmetrical and asymmetrical style. Modern or cotemporary chaise lounges generally have cleaner lines, are less stuffed, and often use leather and metals whereas traditional and transitional chaise lounges are more stuffed, often have rounded lines, and generally use softer fabrics and dark woods.


The most obvious benefit to the chaise lounge is how it allows the sitter to relax completely in it. With all the comfort of a recliner, but the elegance of a beautiful chair, the chaise lounge certainly is a perfect marriage of comfort and style. Owning a chaise lounge as opposed to a chair eliminates the need for supporting furniture such as ottomans, so they are practical in that regard. Also, many outdoor chaise lounges have the ability to fold nearly flat so they can be stored easily when not in use.

The variety of styles in which chaise lounges are made guarantees that there will be something that will fit elegantly into the space you are trying to fill. The elegance and functionality of a chaise lounge cannot be surpassed.