Exquisite Leather Lounges


At Demir Leather furniture we only get better and better. Our large selection of leather lounges, sofas and beds gives Demir Leather furniture a great variety of pieces to offer to you, so you can have elegant and varied pieces with a lot of character in your home.

Demir Leather is the leading Australian furniture retail outlet for Italian sofas, leather lounges and more. Every single one of our pieces is carefully and beautifully crafted by Italian craftsmen that put dedication and high quality into their work as the most important factor. All pieces available at Demir Leather were specially designed to add character to any space, while allowing for the upmost comfort and durability. The leather used in our furniture is only the best available for furniture, we handpick all of our materials to ensure that every piece of furniture we carry is unique and has our Demir touch.

Our variety of Demir leather lounges are sophisticated, clean and modern and can serve a variety of designs and room atmospheres. Our chic style is brilliantly portrayed in our leather lounges, nothing says “style” better than furniture with great designs, great taste and of great quality; that’s where our leather lounges come in to give your spaces that charismatic character.

If you have a space in your home where you would like to set one of our beautiful leather lounges, give us a call or visit us. Our experts at Demir Leather will be more than happy to give you information about the making of your lounge and give you valuable information that could help you choose a design or colour that would fit your home’s colour palette according to your interior design. Don’t hesitate to contact us, our friendly staff is experienced in design and will help you with any questions or enquiries you may have about any piece of furniture.

For further inquiries, don’t forget that you can visit us or give us a call. To get in touch with us at our Auburn retail shop, call us on (02) 9748 8888 and find us at Demir Leather Auburn on 199 Parramatta Road, Auburn. To find us at our Chatswood location, give us a call on (02) 9411 8997. We are located at Demir Leather Chatswood on 552-554 Pacific Highway, Chatswood. So, give us a call or visit us on either of our locations, our representatives are waiting for you!