Exquisite Leather Lounge Suites

Demir Leather brings you exquisite leather lounge suites in Italian style for your home’s family room and office spaces. The delicate detail that goes into the making of each piece for our leather lounge suites is so unique thanks to the Italian-oriented design of our leather lounge suites. For that you can be sure that you will have key pieces of furniture of great quality in your home.

Leather Lounge Suites for Comfort

If what you are looking for is comfort, Demir Leather has models such as the Guru, Jacopo and Zero, which were designed to provide comfort and convenience in every level. Enjoy watching a movie or your favourite T.V. show from the comfort of your leather suite without having to worry about spilling something on your couches as our leather lounge suites were built to be durable and easy to clean for durability only Demir Leather can provide.

To take comfort a step further, Demir Leather has luxurious lounge pieces as part of lounge suites that turn into beds – with this feature, you will no longer have to worry about not having enough space with guests. The Demir Leather sofa beds are so comfortable that your guests will sleep comfortably away from home.

Leather Lounge Suites with Style and Design

When it comes to style and design, Demir Leather has several different types of leather lounge suites that are made with the same high quality as the rest of our furniture, yet it is stylish and chic, oriented towards those who are more into the design and style of a room’s accessories. Models like our Allen, Bariblu and Descia were crafted to portray style like no other furniture piece could do. The design of each piece is meant to reflect a modern and contemporary style while still keeping true to the Italian origins of our lounge suites.

Whether you are looking for the comfort or design factors in your furniture, there is no question that Demir Leather combines both factors perfectly into each individual piece of furniture, providing you with great quality pieces that will make the image of any room.

Visit us at Demir Leather and find out what great pieces we have in stock that could be the next topics of conversation in your home. If you are in Auburn, give us a call on (02) 9748 8888 or on (02) 9411 8997 if you are in Chatswood. See you soon!