Expertly Crafted Leather Sofas from Demir Leather

If you are one of the many home owners who give top priority to comfort, then bid goodbye to your old couch and make way for Demir Leather’s comfortable leather sofas! Without sacrificing quality and design, Demir Leather is dedicated to making only the most comfortable leather sofas for you and your family. With years of experience in the sofa making industry, Demir Leather is sure to satisfy your craving for premium finely crafted leather sofas.



Demir Leather has been highly successful in making their leather sofas the pivotal point of living spaces in each Australian home today. These leather sofas are the products of hard work, ingenuity and dedication of only the best Italian craftsmen there are. With inherent potential and world class training, Demir Leather’s craftsmen make only the best leather sofas from high grade premium Italian leather. Research studies in different fields allow for employment of only proven methods and techniques in sofa and lounge craftsmanship.


The De Craftsmanship line of Demir Leather consists of 16 different models namely Assen, Cubebe, Dalila, Dinasty, Dream, Duomo, Ferri Rocco, Garfield, Gloxina, Hermes, Lambert, Marvell, Nikscheda, Ottelia, Prestige and Smeraldo. There are over seven solid colors to choose from – classic white, off white, light beige, rustic red, chocolate brown and classic black. Each of these models are scientifically designed and crafted to provide the best support for your body for short and long rests. Comfort does not have to sacrifice design as Demir Leather offers various styles within the De Comfort line. Leather sofas from this line also have a great variety in terms of back support, side panels and arm rests.


Along with De Craftsmanship, Demir Leather also has De Beds, De Style, De Comfort and De Maximum Design lines to choose from. That’s over 150 leather sofa models crafted and suited for each of your needs. Each of these leather sofas are perfectly crafted, without a button out of place and without a stitch out of line. These products are hand crafted after meticulous leather selection, configuration and detailing by highly trained and creative Italian craftsmen.


If you would like to see premium and expertly crafted leather sofas for yourself, visit Demir Leather in any of their two branches with your family – Auburn and Chatswood. You may also view Demir Leather’s sofa models online and contact them through email or phone.