Dream Your Best Dream on the Best Bed.

For DEMIR LEATHER to achieve maximum results in style, elegance and comfort, it must conform to existing standards at the source and that’s exactly what Demir does.  It sources most of its furniture from the topmost manufacturers in Italy. Every finished product at Demir reflects the very history of furniture creation, back in time, into Italy’s past. It recalls the use of provocative colours and the best assembly of leather quality, together with a passion to deliver the best product to the consumer.

The subject of perfectly made beds is a consuming pastime of the bed makers at Demir. As with leather furniture they are inexhaustible and there is not enough space to describe each one here. Some of the more inspiring leather beds are listed below:

  • Alice: This style recalls a fantasy land of a myriad bright colours, shapes and forms all draped full sized on the walls and bed and light shade to give a picturesque ‘wonderland’ appearance. Apart from the paraphernalia the bed itself stands as a masterpiece creation of comfort and style that is very present and real.
  • Ares: One of the most beautiful leather beds produced by Demir and certainly the most lavish display of excellent workmanship. It is sturdy, comfortable and exquisitely tailor made for married couples.
  • Artemis: An extremely sophisticated style made to resemble the mysterious, but yet a truly earthly form. The bed reflects the ultimate in elegance and comfort and is a must for the modern bedroom.
  • Poker: This sublime style is exquisitely made to suit the high end enclosures of a luxury apartment  room or house and its soft and light colouring can blend perfectly with any colour in a luxury room setting or posh hotel.
  • Ormus: A perfectly balanced and symmetrical creation which would attract the attention of any couple. It is sublime in form and its soft colours is a perfect match to the equally soft or even white colours of any room. It would certainly bring out the colour tone of a dark coloured room.
  • Prestige: As the name connotes, the style is elegant, standing on a sturdy steel frame but a light weight that can be moved around at whim. Like Ormus, its soft colour brings out the brightness in soft surrounding colours and it stands out against a background of darker colours.
  • Sirio: This is an extremely interesting and unique type of workmanship that reflects the best in leather made beds. Its dark brownish colour stands out against surrounding lighter colours and is a perfect match for a white coloured floor.
  • Shell: A very unique bed design that resembles the roundish shape of shells depicted in white against a blue bottom and top frame. It stands on very sturdy steep supports and stands out in the soft colours of a room.


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If you want to own a bed of your dreams, we have an extremely wide range of choice at Demir and we invite you to ring us on (02) 97488888 and we will show and tell the story behind the top beds that we make to help you make an informed decision.


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