Demir Leather brings you furniture of make with nothing but the highest quality of leather and materials. More than furniture, Demir Leather brings you a collection of key pieces that accent the style and decoration of any home and office space.


The De Comfort Range

Quality, Durability and Style
Demir Leather brings you only high quality couches made of the finest leather available for furniture in the market. The high quality and make of our furniture pieces provides durability against rips and tears, which in turn provide a longer lasting life span for your furniture allowing you to save money and make it easy to upkeep your couches. To compliment the strength of the leather in our furniture, we provide stylish and sleek furniture pieces in different colours, models and designs to compliment the decor of any home or office space. Go formal, casual or artistic with our selection of couches and see the difference that a simple addition of furniture can cause in your home.


If you are looking for high quality couches at affordable prices, Demir Leather is the place to look. In our clearance area you will be able to find a selection of affordable couches made of the finest leather you will find while staying within your budget. All of our furniture pieces shown in our clearance area are made of the same quality materials as the rest of our furniture and display the same durability as any of our other pieces. These pieces also form part of our discontinued collections, which means you have a last chance to acquire a piece of furniture that could play a key role in your home while you still receive the same quality materials and stay within your budget with no pressure to spend big money.


For furniture of the highest quality and durable make, choose Demir Leather – the experts in leather furniture in Australia. Call us today on (02) 9748 8888 for our location in Auburn or (02) 9411 8997 for our Chatswood location. Our friendly team of representatives will receive you with open doors and is expecting your visit today. Remember that you can visit our Chatswood and Auburn locations to check out what we have in stock along with our unbeatable prices.
Remember, if you are looking for fine leather furniture and the best affordable prices, there is no better option than Demir Leather. See you soon!

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What You Should Know About Leather Couches

Leather couches add a professional as well as classic and timeless touch to the home and the office. Nowadays, these kind of couches come in a plethora of colors, which, when combined with impressive styles and intricate designs, gives each home or office space its own personality and character.

Couches made from leather provide that distinct comfortable feel you will not find anywhere else. Because of its material, they help provide an excellent theme that brings all elements of the room together thereby making it more versatile and functional. You will never need to worry about having it fit in again.

The market today is full of couches made out of leather and which come in a variety of designs and colors. Decades ago, you will only see leather furniture in neutral colors such as black, brown, and nude. Nowadays, furniture stores are teeming with a kaleidoscope of colors such as yellow, blue, lime green, red and even white.

One of the great advantages in having leather couches around is that they are easy to clean and are highly maintenance free. Demir’s range of leather couches are guaranteed to be made out of quality leather stitched together with superb italian craftsmanship. With all the furniture stores stocking up on leather pieces, you will definitely not have a hard time looking around for one. However, if one of a kind is what you are after, then try browsing at online furniture stores. Most of the time, it is these specialty stores that carry unique products that you will not find anywhere else.

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