Considerations when buying new leather sofas

Buying new leather sofas can be stressful for a good number of people and most especially those who can’t tell a genuine leather set and a cheap one. Nowadays, every shopper is suspicious of leather products and they have enough reason to be. It is becoming harder to recognize genuine leather and by the time you realize that your leather seats are fake, there is usually nothing you can do about it. Other cheap leathers that can be quite deceiving are goat and pig hide leather. Before buying your leather seats make sure the leather is cow or buffalo hide. Your leather seats should match up with your other furniture. You don’t have to buy seats that will end up looking totally funny in your house just because they happen to be in fashion.

Never rush out to buy seats without considering the size of your house, you may end up buying a giant set that won’t  even fit in your house and in some extreme cases you might be unable to even pass it  through your tiny door. In the same way that you should consider the size of your house, you may also need to consider your size before embarking on this journey of buying the best leather seats. Buy the seats according to your size. If you are bulky, avoid the dainty sofas and instead choose a well-built sturdy set that can carry your weight comfortably.

Try them out practically by lying down and sitting on them. After you are sure of the quality, you can then go ahead and make a purchase.

High quality sofas need tender care to maintain their worth. Neglecting your leather seats will make them wear out fast turning them from elegant seats to dreadful ones that can be mistaken for cheap quality leather products.

Caring for your precious leather seats requires no rocket science. A soft soapy cloth will always work wonders in getting rid of dust since top quality leather rarely attracts much dirt. If by any chance a lot of water or liquid of any kind is spilled onto the seats, dry it off gently with a soft towel. Never use hair dryers as a substitute. If the spilled liquid happens to be sticky, wash it off using lukewarm soapy water and dry it off gently. Avoid tough detergents as they will damage the leather. Vacuum your leather sofas once in a while.