Collections for the Whole Family


At Demir Leather furniture we have the finest collection of couches you will find in Auburn and Chatswood. We have over sixteen different models and styles of modern and chic couches for family homes, apartments or bachelor pads.

Our selection of couches is designed to provide comfort and luxury to any environment. Our De Style collection is unique to the type of furniture sold in any other furniture shops. The Carlotta and Fellini styles are great for a young and modern atmosphere. These beautiful designs come are made with beautiful leather and come in rich colours for a splash of design. The Bet, Bugatti, Eiffel, Fellini, Moana and Gassman styles are made for spaces that require a lot of sitting, perhaps for a big family or someone who receives a lot of guests. No matter what use they will have, these couches are elegant and have a beautiful European look to them. Our variety of large size couches does not end there, take a look at the varied stock on our website or visit us to see what other designs we have available on location.

If you are looking for furniture with a unique vintage look, we have models like the Mida, Pachira, Paganni, Reef, Vivace and Wonder for those specific styles. These models are colourful and give an amazing touch of character to any living room or family area.

For those who like clean and simple looks, we have chic couches like the Antea, Descia, Eragon, Habart, Spielberg and Vessus styles. These pieces evoke elegance and pure simplicity. They are the perfect example of when “less is more,” and are perfect for an elegant atmosphere. All of these couches are exquisite and comfortable in a way you wouldn’t believe unless you sat on them.

All of these different styles and models are made with special care by the hands of craftsmen; the luxury and comfort of these couches cannot be explained, you just have to experience it. For that, we encourage you to visit us in one of our two locations in Auburn or Chatswood. Our representatives and friendly staff are waiting for you to show you our exquisite furniture.

To learn more about our wide collection of stylish couches, give us a call! For Auburn customers, call us on (02) 9748 8888; for our Chatswood clients, contact us on (02) 9411 8997. Our representatives are waiting to hear from you, visit us today!