Choosing The Perfect Lounge

Do you have pets? To some, this may be an issue with buying a leather lounge. You probably think that you have to show blankets or coverings over your leather furniture to keep it clean.

Leather however is sometimes quite durable and easy to maintain. Pet hairs can be vacuumed out and paw marks can be removed with a damp cloth. You may find that a leather lounge is probably a better choice, especially if your pets enjoy your furniture as well. Fabric lounges are much harder to maintain and need to be cleaned constantly.

What if you have young children who love playing with the furniture? Or young adults who love eating on the couch? This is all ok because leather lounges are easy to wash and look after. And highly durable. Not all. But we assure you, the leather lounges you will find at Demir, are the best in Australia.