Chaise Lounge Furniture: The New Trend

Homes and hotels feature chaise lounge furniture placed in an assortment of parts of the locations both indoors and outdoors. The versatility of a single unit of chaise lounge can be moved from the pool during sun-drenched weather to the den when the weather turns rainy and yet the chaise lounge furniture will look just as good in either case.


Brief History

The chaise lounge, as it is also called, was derived from 16th-century France. It became popular in Europe and was later introduced to the United States during the 1930s where it was principally used as an outdoor patio seat or an indoor recliner. Then and now, the chaise lounge furniture was designed to be versatile, attractive and practical on both sides of the ocean.

Basic Design

Basically, the chaise lounge is an elongated chair akin to a couch with the exception of two things – first, the back support part of the lounge slants toward the back, hence, making a reclined position with the feet totally elongated possible; and second; the arm support may or may not be at hand in the chaise lounge. The individual was anticipated to lie on his back when using the lounge furniture. On the contrary, the recliner chairs from olden Greece had men and women lying on their sides.

Materials Used

During its early years of progress, the lounge was made out of natural materials like wood and rattan, which were frequently carved with stylized designs. With the modern times also came the up to date materials like plastic and metal though wood is still the most well-liked material primarily because of its exquisiteness, durability and versatility.

Nowadays, the trendiest wood materials for use in pieces of chaise lounge furniture are cedar and teak. These woods are well-known for their weatherproof features as well as their superb grain patterns.

Functional Uses

The beauty of chaise lounge furniture is that it is flexible to just about any indoor and outdoor space. As a result, it can be transferred from the bedroom, dining room and living room to the pool, porch and even the outdoor deck. Of course, most wooden chaise lounge furniture have removable cushions.

Chaise Styles

Homeowners have a lot of choices in chaise lounges which include the one-arm chaise lounge, armless chaise lounges, and day bed chaise lounges.

The homeowner’s options in the¬†chaise lounge furniture¬†boils down to design choices, available space and allotted cost. In all other matters, the chaise lounge functions just as well.


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