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Luxury Furniture, a Little Something to Last Forever

When it’s sophisticated, appealing and comfortable, you know its Luxury! While everyone might have a different definition of what luxury stands for, it generally refers to something being very precious and compelling at the same time, rather somewhat difficult to approach. This naturally restricts a specified class which can enjoy the charm anything luxury holds […]

When it’s Demir, it’s Not Just a Leather Couch…

Is it not about time, you throw away that ragged couch which does not even allow you to enjoy tea in the evening or let’s say enable you to watch the Saturday night movie comfortably? Well, truthfully, the answer is a BIG YES, not because you must have new piece or what would your neighbor […]

Lounge Suites, For Making it Picture-Perfect!

Demir once again; with the aim to serve its valuable customers, introduces a new line of chic designs and absolute Italian leather, Lounge Suites. The collection varies from very modest, modern-day productions to; the most appreciated, classical style furniture, which would gratify nearly any arrangement or taste. With a diversity of tones and designs, the […]

Demir Leather – Where Style, Comfort and Design Come Together

Sharing the exclusive qualities of comfort and style, it’s none other but Demir leather lounges! With its rich contribution of the finest Italian leather, exquisite and unmatched designs, plus a perfect blend of craftsmanship, the leather lounges cater to all types of customers possessing diversified picks and setups.   What else (say the experts), except […]

Luxury Furniture

When it comes to finding luxury furniture in Australia, Demir Leather is the place to be. Not only does Demir Leather offer high quality furniture – it also manufactures timeless and elegant pieces that you cannot find elsewhere.   Nowadays, home owners have broken free from purchasing generic furniture. There is generally nothing wrong with […]

Home of Premium Lounges in Sydney

Looking for genuine Italian leather in Australia? Look no more! Demir Leather has been providing premium leather lounges for years to Australian homes and offices. Starting out as a small business, Demir Leather has grown into one of the most trusted retail outlet shops for leather lounges, leather sofas and beds. With more than hundreds […]

Leather Sofas at Their Best from Demir Leather

Demir Leather Australia has proven excellence in both quality and service when it comes to leather sofas. With over 90 leather sofa models to choose from, you are sure to find that piece of furniture which will perfectly match your home and even your office. Leather sofas from Demir Leather Australia are bound to last […]

Finely Crafted Leather Lounges

Leather lounges are at their finest quality at Demir Leather. Made only from the best of materials by the best craftsmen, Demir Leather Australia offers leather lounges that last for a lifetime!   Leather lounges are often the center of attention in offices and even in your home. They can be a centerpiece that makes […]

The Beauty of Italian Leather Lounges from Demir

Home owners nowadays are looking for furniture made with Italian leather. Italian leather has indeed become a popular material not only in clothes and accessories but also in home furniture and décor. Italian leather is often considered as one of the best kinds of leather in the world. The thing about Italian leather though, is […]

Expertly Crafted Leather Sofas from Demir Leather

If you are one of the many home owners who give top priority to comfort, then bid goodbye to your old couch and make way for Demir Leather’s comfortable leather sofas! Without sacrificing quality and design, Demir Leather is dedicated to making only the most comfortable leather sofas for you and your family. With years […]