Care Tips for your Leather Sofas

Leather sofas are one of the most elegant types of furniture one may own. Leather is pleasant to possess in any style of home, and will bring a new look to any area it is positioned. To ensure that your leather sofas will last long, if not a lifetime, proper care and maintenance should be exerted.

Leather is a type of material which is effortlessly maintained. Caring for your leather sofa is often disregarded, but in order to preserve the worth of your leather, you should wield an effort to keep your leather looking, feeling and even smelling new. Here are a few tips for leather furniture care.

Clean it frequently with dry cloth

To keep that shine on your leather sofas for a long time, always make sure to clean them regularly. But this does not mean cleaning it every time it is being used. Rather, you should take a regular weekly care of your leather furnishings. Wiping with a dry cloth and vacuuming is sufficient and if ever something is spilt on it, make sure you aptly clean it up so that the dirt or stain won’t harden and thus making it harder to remove.

Don’t use lots of water, soaps, or cleaning solvents

A common misconception in leather care is using excessive water and soap to clean it. This is not a proper way of cleaning leather. On the contrary, it will disintegrate the surface and would tend to speed up the cracking and breaking process. It is advisable to use only a minimum amount of water for cleaning up and never allow the water to remain stagnant on the surface. Do not use strong solvents as well because they could bleach the leather.

Keep the leather away from direct sunlight and the fireplace

Leather, having originated from the skin of animals, should not b exposed to too much heat. Always refrain from placing your leather sofa in a place proximate to sunny windows or a fireplace to avoid undue damage.

Know the details about your leather furniture

Upon purchase, make sure you inquire about the details of your leather sofa and the suggested ways of taking care of it. Different leather types have different special tips in its cleaning and maintenance.

Indeed, leather demands a bit of extra care and apparently a reasonable distance from flaming heat and sharp edges. But if you can take adequate care that is necessary, it will manifold to the magnificence of your home.