Bringing Style and Elegance Back to Leather Lounges

Tired of boring and dull looking leather lounges that look almost always the same from one home to another? Take a breather and find stylish and elegantly designed leather lounges from Demir Leather!



Demir Leather is the most wanted retail outlet for premium Italian leather lounges and sofas in Australia. With only top quality leather used for their products, Demir Leather has been successful in making each Australian home a cozier place to live in without sacrificing design. From patterns to forms, each design is a product of creative thinking by only the best Italian craftsmen.


The De Style line of Demir Leather consists of 34 well designed leather lounges that will look great at your living room or even at your office. With well over 9 solid colors to choose from and an edgy black and white checkered pattern, you will definitely find the perfect addition to your living space! Models from this line includes the Pachira with its refreshing solid blue color, the Kubrick which is famed for its rich chocolate shade and the Descia which comes in classic off white color and an off white and chocolate colored base combination.


The innovative and flexible design of the leather lounges in the De Comfort line brings not only style and elegance but extreme comfort as well. With over 16 designs to choose from, you can definitely find a Demir Leather De Comfort leather lounge to suit your needs. Most leather lounges coming from this line can be reclined – giving you greater comfort for a quick nap or even a restful sleep! The Genius model which comes in rich chocolate color can be fully reclined and transformed into a bed. It is perfect for business men and women who need to pull out all nighters or even a slumber party at your pad.


The largest and most varied collection is the De Maximum Design with a good 41 models of leather lounges to choose from. The designs in this line are truly exceptional ranging from the traditional and classic look of C822 to the more modern contemporary design of DC328. Those who adore Victorian inspired furniture will surely fall in love with DC748 and DC1056 models of the De Maximum Design line.


Contact Demir Leather now or visit their Auburn and Chatswood branch to see these marvelous leather lounges!