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Explore the craftsmanship of Demir, where quality meets comfort. Enhance your home with pieces designed for both elegance and everyday living.

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Experience elegance with Demir Leather, where craftsmanship meets timeless design. Our collection is curated to bring sophistication and comfort to your home. From plush lounges to sleek dining sets, Demir offers a blend of luxury and functionality. Elevate your space with pieces that promise style and unparalleled quality.

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Experience the Demir Difference.

At Demir Leather, we are dedicated to offering furniture that embodies a blend of modern design and lasting quality. Our curated collection reflects a commitment to craftsmanship, designed to meet the expectations of those who appreciate the finer details. By carefully selecting materials and employing skilled craftsmanship, we strive to ensure that each piece combines aesthetics with durability. Our approach is to offer furniture that stands the test of time, an brings joy every time you see it, at an affordable price.

Understanding the significance of investing in high-quality furniture, we aim to provide value that transcends the initial purchase. Each item in our collection is crafted with the future in mind, offering a balance between beautiful design and enduring quality. Our collection is curated with careful consideration, aiming to highlight the genuine materials and craftsmanship that go into every piece. At Demir, we believe in furnishing your space with pieces that promise to be a lasting addition to your home, blending luxury with value.

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Each piece comes in every size. Need a very specific size to bring your Dream-Room to life? Demir Leather has your back.


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So you found the perfect sofa, but you need it in a specific color? We have 100s of colors to choose from to match any aesthetic.


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Personalized consultations to take your experience to the next level. If you have an idea we can bring it to life, make every choice count.

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